Welcome to your tool kit for trade, work, investment and citizenship in the New Global Economy!

 As world markets spin by on a 24/7 beat, lifelong learning has replaced a college diploma as the dance ticket to success. You need an All World program to keep up with the forces and impacts of globalization and how you and your neighborhood can prosper in the process.

We provide a continually updated matrix of learning and vocational resources drawn from multiple sectors -- education, business, labor, environment, civil society and government -- to help you Go Global. You'll need everything in our website and more to keep pace with what it takes to prepare for and successfully participate in world markets.

As you are reading this, someone somewhere else in the world just came up with an idea you may have had yesterday or were going to have tomorrow. A new product or service; a new company or market; a new strategy or solution for an environmental or workplace challenge. If you were to join them they might be able to do an even better job. Or maybe if they were to work with you, you may be able to get your current deal accomplished, dream achieved or improve your community in a better way.

Come join us in our Classroom Programs, National Teacher Workshops, National Teacher and Curriculum Development Centers, Workplace Learning Models, Statewide Interactive Sessions, National and International Broadcasts and Economic Summit Interactives.

 It's School to Work to the World® with the VTM!
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